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2 Down

4 to go. I hate finals. I took History and Spanish today. I think I did alright, but my hands are cramped and they were HARD! Especially Spanish(probably because I hate that class). Tomorrow I have Biology and Photography. A final in photography, what the hell is that about? Then after the final we get to clean his room for him (the teacher) because he's too lazy to do it himself. I honestly cannot stand that man. Not only does he have definite favoritism but he is sexist. Glad I'm done with that class tomorrow. Hopefully I pass it. Hee hee. I'm watching Shrek 2. I love that movie. It's so funny! Puss in Boots is my hero.

~3 more days of school, isn't that a scary thought~~
~1 month 7 days until the concert!!~~

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Is this normal?

My head is spinning. Literally. I am dizzy and I can't see straight. Uh-oh. I don't think this is a good thing... Oh. And we're getting rid of Bear. He's been growling and biting. We're gonna get a puppy though, so don't worry. I better go. I think I'm going to pass out.

~~~~Constantine Maroulis- the REAL American Idol~~~~~~~~~~


Oh, God damn it all. God damn Fox, God damn life, God damn my parents...and the list goes on. My dad comes home in a bad mood and takes it out on me, who was doing nothing but sitting on the couch watching Ellen. Dog eats the food on the counter and mom threatens to get rid of him. That will be what, the third dog now? Anyways... If you all can't tell I am now in a shitty mood. I was happy, since I saw my Constantine on Ellen, but now it all goes downhill from there. Life completely sucks sometimes... Someone come cheer me up. I need it right about now. .


Ok, you all know how much you love me, right? Well, then do me a HUGE favor and sign this petition. We need to get as many signatures as possible. PLEASE HELP ME OUT!!!! Even if you are NOT a Constantine fan, it will help with the Scott Savol situation. JEFF! Please sign. Now I just hope everyone checks my livejournal. PLEASE!!!! I'm begging here! AND I'm not out of school because he went home. I feel like shit. So PLEASE!!!!! HELP!!!!!!



This, again, is a test. please disregard.
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Hey everyone, look at my pretty user pic! Finally. It was made by xostina128ox. Constantine rocks my socks! Isn't it pretty?!


Let's see, when was the last time I updated... Long time ago. Well, I got my permit today, so I can legally drive with someone in the car. Yay!! I am exhausted from lack of sleep due to American Idol and Constantine Maroulis. Why the hell does he have to be so awesome! Not to mention HOT!! Anyways, I'm obsessive and need to seek perfessional help lol. Then again, you all know me by now, so that's nothing new. Well, I have to go take the dog for a walk.


Does anybody have any pics from last night? I thought he looked so hot with his hair pulled back! Thanks.
PS. I got my PFTSOB cd in the mail today. Yay!!!

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